• Why City Living Drove Me Nuts

    December 11, 2020Brandy

    Know where you feel the most at home. Learn about my time living in the city and why I would never go back.

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  • Our First Season of Chickens

    December 4, 2020Brandy

    Isn’t it ironic that I was raised on an 80 acre farm in the heart of Amish and Mennonite country and yet, I never owned a chicken nor lived on the same property as chickens? My mother is deathly afraid of birds and that fear was passed on to both my sister and I. I don’t even remember a “why” but I have always thoroughly hated and been equally terrified of all feathered things. The chicken barn at the county fair? Wouldn’t get within 20 feet of it. I wanted NOTHING to do with birds. Nothing. Meanwhile, my dear husband…

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  • Why I started this blog

    November 28, 2020Brandy

    Hello! Welcome to The Stylish Homestead. Some of you might know me from my blog, The Legal Duchess, and I appreciate you following along. If you are totally new, welcome! I started blogging back when I started law school as a creative outlet and a way to fill a void in the online market as there were very few law school specific bloggers out there. It was so fun to document as I went through that experience and I created so many amazing connections through that blogging experience. After graduating law school and passing the bar exam, I just felt…

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