• Easily Declutter Your Home (even if you are a recovering shopaholic like me)

    February 12, 2021Brandy

    Are you struggling to easily declutter your home? Do you ever just look around your house and feel overwhelmed by all of the stuff? I do regularly. Clutter stresses me out. The problem is, I love shopping and finding new things and I also don’t like to get rid of things. I know- a recipe for a cluttered home. As I have gotten older and grown more confident in my homemaking skills, I have figured out ways to organize my house in a way that feels less cluttered without getting rid of all of my treasures. I have also learned…

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  • One Week DIY Kitchen Renovation under $250

    January 7, 2021Brandy

    HOW WE TOOK OUR KITCHEN FROM DRAB TO FARMHOUSE FAB ON A SMALL BUDGET! Yes you read that right- I completed a total DIY kitchen renovation for UNDER $250 in just a weeks time! The before and after is amazing. When we moved into our farmhouse, there was really nothing “wrong” with the kitchen… it was a nice size, the cabinets were in decent shape, the countertops were acceptable, there was a backsplash and it had stainless appliances. The problem was, absolutely none of it was even close to my preferred style. I enjoy a light, bright, modern farmhouse style.…

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