• Slow Cooker Beef Stew

    February 5, 2021Brandy

    These cold winter days have me craving ALL the comfort foods. One of my favorite easy comfort meals is Slow Cooker Beef Stew that I make from scratch. It is an easy meal, full of hearty veggies and tender beef. It takes just a few minutes to throw together and then cooks away in the slow cooker while you accomplish other things. Then, you get to enjoy a hearty winter meal without hours over the stove. Looking for a new slow cooker? I LOVE mine. My favorite way to serve this stew is with a thick slice of crusty sourdough…

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  • Fuel Your Best Self: 5 Ways I am Improving the Food Quality I Ingest

    December 30, 2020Brandy

    Something I have felt really motivated to do this past year is to improve the quality of the food I am eating. That does not mean I just buy organically labeled food and call it a day. Instead, I am seeking out food that has been produced well at every step in the process. I am seeking out meat that has been humanely and ethically raised on farms as local to me as possible. I am seeking out produce that has been locally produced by smaller scale farmers who put the highest level of care into their crop. I am…

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