DIY Chicken Coop from a Resin Shed Kit

March 9, 2021Brandy

We recently finished our DIY chicken coop that we adapted from a resin shed kit. It was one of the larger projects we have undertaken and yet, it actually went really well. It is always a huge relief to complete a project that went better than you expected it too! The final product is exactly what we were looking for and our chickens are super happy.

Getting Started with a DIY Coop

For background, we started off with a small 8 chicken coop last June. We got 8 laying hens and all was good to start off. Then we transformed a garden shed that existed on the property into a chicken coop for the 40 meat chickens we added in July. After slaughtering the meat chickens in the early Fall, we moved the 8 laying hens into the bigger shed coop for the winter. Then after Christmas we got 22 new laying hens and knew it was time for a larger coop that would accommodate all 30 laying hens while we retained the other coop for our meat chickens each summer. We wanted something quick and easy that would hold up over time and not break the bank. Tall order huh?

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We started out by doing some research. I found a helpful youtube video and some photos on pinterest of people using resin sheds as chicken coops. I was intrigued by this because the price was palpable and it seemed like it would be easy enough to do as a DIY project. We decided to take the plunge and ordered the shed along with the wood we would need for the base and inside supports.

Here is the link to the shed we purchased:

Once it all arrived, it sat in our garage for a few months while the Ohio winter raged outside and the chicks grew up in the brooder in our basement. Finally, the weather broke and we were able to build the shed and move the chicks in at the beginning of March.

DIY chicken coop

Building Our DIY Chicken Coop

It was actually the day after we arrived home from a ski trip that we decided to build the shed. The weather was finally right and the chicks were getting too big for the brooder. Building the shed took us a full afternoon. It was simple enough for the two of us to tackle successfully. We built a base from posts 4×4 and plywood and built the shed on top. The next day, my dad and father in law came to help us finish the inside. We reinforced the inside with 2x4s, hung nesting boxes, added roosting bars and a bar to hang food from. This took another half day and then we moved the chicks in!

The only tools we needed for this project was cordless drills, cordless saw, step stools and lots of screws.

Chickens in their DIY chicken coop built from resin shed

DIY Chicken Coop in Use

So far, it is working great! The chicks seem happy and have plenty of space. We plan to add more vents, a door and an outdoor enclosure soon. I love how it looks- it is just a clean, simple look on the landscape of our farm.

Want to see how we did it?

We made our VERY FIRST youtube video all about our new coop! Check it out and give it a like if you enjoyed it. You can also subscribe to follow along with all of our adventures!

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