Leaping into 2021

January 1, 2021Brandy

Raise your hand if you are beyond ready to leave 2020 in the dust????

It has been the weirdest of weird years. Everyone has felt the strain as we navigated through an ongoing pandemic. It has been a year of heartbreak and hardship… but yet there has also been so many beautiful moments. It is in the hardest of times that the human spirit shines through. Personally, it was a big year of transition. I passed the bar exam, started my full time job, bought a farm, moved, jumped into homesteading and rebranded my social media to match this new blog. As someone used to running a million miles per hour, I actually enjoyed being forced to slow down and enjoy the little moments. I am not going to sit here and say that 2020 has been a great year because it hasn’t… it has been hard to be separated from family and friends. It has been hard to adapt to the ever changing landscape and deal with the perpetual anxiety that comes with life in a pandemic. It has not been a great year but it has been an eye opening year and it has urged me into making some life changes for the better.

I am not big on new years resolutions… I never stick with them. Instead, I am making a general intention for 2021. My intention for 2021 is to lean into creating and slow down my consuming. This intention can permeate into many parts of my life and I am excited to jump in. Here are the 3 big ways I am going to focus on applying my intention in 2021:

1. Social Media

In 2021, I plan to skim down the social media I consume to just the social media that enriches my life in some way. In the last month of 2020, I unfollowed almost 1000 accounts on Instagram that were not bringing me joy in my newsfeed or weren’t relevant to my life. I deleted a few apps that I just didn’t need to be wasting time on. I am also trying very hard to limit the time I spend with my face buried in my phone in favor of real life experiences, time with my loved ones and pursuing some of my new hobbies.

When it comes to creating, with my new blog and rebrand I am working hard to create relevant and helpful content that helps others to create as well. I want to move away from urging consumption by always suggesting products for sale, shopping, etc. I will discuss it more below but I am trying hard to limit my consumption and impulse purchases and I will to portray that to others as well. The content I produce will also be centered around creating- creating your own food, creating the a more old fashioned lifestyle and creating a cozy home.

2. Food

Another place in my life where I want to increase my creation is with my food. Granted, food is meant to be consumed so I can’t really lower my consumption BUT I can improve what I consume. That starts right on my homestead. I plan to grow as much of my food as possible next year and eat from scratch wherever possible. Considering I am spending my New Years Eve painting kitchen cabinets, it will be fun to cook like crazy in the refreshed space!

3. Purchasing

In 2021, I am really going to curb my spending and the amount of stuff I bring home. Spending so much time at home in 2020 has made me despise all the clutter in my home. I need it GONE. I also have just realized that the little “thrills” I get from buying new stuff can be replaced with much better habits that are way more thrilling. Also, when I want/need something, I am challenging myself to either make use of something already in my home or create the item myself if possible before I buy. It will be so good to use what I have and challenge myself to keep getting creative and making!

So there you go, my intentions for 2021. Bring it on!

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