• Must Have Tools When You Start a Homestead

    March 25, 2021Brandy

    If you are thinking of starting a homestead, there are several must have tools you should have. Homesteads can be very costly when you are getting started. Land is not cheap and neither is the infrastructure to house livestock, gardens, etc. We have been slowly building up our homestead over the last 8 months. We invest in things in small bites so that we can do it within our budget. Over the last 8 months we have finished a number of big homestead projects: we have redone the horse barn, put up a second pasture, built a new chicken coop,…

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  • Our First Season of Chickens

    December 4, 2020Brandy

    Isn’t it ironic that I was raised on an 80 acre farm in the heart of Amish and Mennonite country and yet, I never owned a chicken nor lived on the same property as chickens? My mother is deathly afraid of birds and that fear was passed on to both my sister and I. I don’t even remember a “why” but I have always thoroughly hated and been equally terrified of all feathered things. The chicken barn at the county fair? Wouldn’t get within 20 feet of it. I wanted NOTHING to do with birds. Nothing. Meanwhile, my dear husband…

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  • Why I started this blog

    November 28, 2020Brandy

    Hello! Welcome to The Stylish Homestead. Some of you might know me from my blog, The Legal Duchess, and I appreciate you following along. If you are totally new, welcome! I started blogging back when I started law school as a creative outlet and a way to fill a void in the online market as there were very few law school specific bloggers out there. It was so fun to document as I went through that experience and I created so many amazing connections through that blogging experience. After graduating law school and passing the bar exam, I just felt…

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