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November 28, 2020Brandy

Hello! Welcome to The Stylish Homestead.

Some of you might know me from my blog, The Legal Duchess, and I appreciate you following along. If you are totally new, welcome!

I started blogging back when I started law school as a creative outlet and a way to fill a void in the online market as there were very few law school specific bloggers out there. It was so fun to document as I went through that experience and I created so many amazing connections through that blogging experience. After graduating law school and passing the bar exam, I just felt so lacking in inspiration for that blog. I limped along with it for about a year and a half before making the jump to rebrand into The Stylish Homestead.

Why the rebrand you ask? The Legal Duchess just didn’t feel like a fit to my life anymore. Yes I am a lawyer and I will always be heavily invested in all things legal but it is not the sole focus of my life… it made perfect sense when my blog was focused almost exclusively on law school content but that’s just not where I am anymore. I had been wanting to rebrand for a while but I just wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to go. I have SO many interests and things I love to share but under what blanket should all of that fall? It took me a while to figure it out but I finally landed on homesteading as my overarching theme.

Why homesteading? Because it is what I am currently living and plan to live for the rest of my life. We moved in summer of 2020 to a small farm and immediately jumped into all things homestead. We have chickens and vegetable plants and we are planning to do some major canning next summer. It is no surprise that we have landed here. My husband and have always joked between ourselves that we were born in the wrong century. My husband has always held a deep rooted interest in all things agriculture and I grew up on a farm. All of this meant that they minute we had a little bit of land, we jumped into all things homesteading without a look back. We are thriving on the lifestyle of growing our own food, living close to the land, producing instead of merely consuming, living a simpler life rooted in the ways of the past and surrounding ourselves in nature and animals. Now, I am not spending every day in overalls chasing chickens… I still go to work at my law school and get to be my “lawyer” self for 40 hours a week. I still love fashion and home decor and shopping for deals. I still read voraciously and watch too much TV. This blog will encompass all the things I am passionate about while remaining rooted in the homestead lifestyle we have so embraced. It feels like a natural transition and I am already feeling so inspired to get creative.

What can you expect on The Stylish Homestead? As I have already hinted, it will be a little bit of everything. I will share our trials and lessons as we embrace our homesteading adventure. You can expect the occasional recipe for easy meals that fit into everyday life. I will still share my favorite fashion and beauty finds, especially the deals. Budget home decor and organizational content might make an appearance. There will be cute pictures of my 4 dogs, 4 barn cats, more chickens than I can count and of course my horses too. Someday, god willing, there will be some motherhood content too. While there will be a variety of content, it will all be guided by the old fashioned, simple, homestead life we have embraced on our little farm.

For my followers who have come over from The Legal Duchess, I hope you will consider sticking around. My day to day content will not be changing drastically. For those who are new here, welcome aboard and thanks for following my journey.

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