Why You Should Take Up Sewing

April 21, 2021Brandy

When I was about six years old, I went and spent a week at my grandmas house. We did many fun things that week but one of my favorite is when she sat me down in her sewing room and taught me the basics. She taught me to hand sew, use the machine and attach buttons. Later on, she moved in with my family and my sewing education continued. I treasure those hours spent surrounded by fabric and learning the timeless skill of sewing. Not only did I learn a priceless skill, I got to learn it from my favorite person and spent beautiful time with her.

Now, at age 27, I am so thankful for this skill my grandma taught me so young. I am not an expert seamstress. I can hand sew well and have the ability to fix most simple rips and missing buttons. I can manage the sewing machine for most simple projects. It is a skill I continue to look for ways to improve and hone. However, you do not have to be an expert to find the beauty in sewing.

Why Sew?

Over the years, I am continually reminded of the timeless importance of this skill. In college, my friends and roommates were always coming to me with a ripped shirt or missing button. I have always loved the ability to lightly alter my clothing and eliminate waste where possible. Then the pandemic hit in 2020 and the whole world scrambled to get face masks, sewing reemerged. I was able to sew to protect my family and friends with fabric masks. I never expected to live through a time where sewing would be so important but it did and I was so glad to have that skillset. It was a reminder that sometimes the skills we thought were irrelevant in modern times are still relevant.

Beyond the usefulness of this skill, it is also something I find peaceful and satisfying. Sewing provides instant gratification with transforming bare fabric into something else. There is the repetitive, mindless process of moving thread through fabric that I find quite therapeutic. It is not surprising to me that this is one of those skills that has been around for centuries and continues to prevail in our modern world.

1. Sewing = Sustainability

Learning to sew and repair your clothing is a great more towards sustainability. When something rips or a button pops off, you don’t throw that item away: you fix it and keep using it. It reduces waste more significantly than you might think. This goes beyond clothing: I fix holes in my dogs beds so I do not have to buy new. I have fixed holes in my throw pillows to extend their life. Even when I thrift, I sometimes buy knowing I can fix a small issue and get the item I want in a sustainable way.

2. Sewing is a Creative Hobby

Sewing can be such a fulfilling hobby. I know most of us are short on spare time but we all need hobbies. Sewing can be a perfect way to use your spare time to create something… I find it so much more fulfilling than mindless TV. Being able to create something with your hands is a skill I think everyone could spend more time with.

3. Sewing is a tie to the past

Maybe it’s the historian in me but I find it so beautiful that I can do something that people have been doing for centuries with very little change. Threading a needle, pulling it through fabric and creating something beautiful is a process that has been handed down through the centuries with little change. Yes there was the advancement with sewing machines but sewing is still the same process it has always been. I love the legacy of continuing to do something my ancestors did and be able to pass it down to my descendants like my grandma passed it to me.

Are you interested in learning to sew?

There are so many great resources for learning to sew. I have linked some of my favorites below along with starter products.

Made to Sew: a great youtube channel to learn the basics

Beginner Sewing Kit: this is a great little selection of the basic products you need to get started hand sewing

Basic sewing machine: this is the machine I have and it works great

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